Saturday, August 7, 2010

One thing I forgot to mention about the KTV, was that I had first gone back to my host family’s house to see if it was okay to spend the afternoon at KTV. So whenever I got to the area where the KTV was, all of the other volunteers were already inside. I had no idea where this place was, so I started wandering around hoping that something would jump out at me. I knew roughly where it was, but I didn’t know exactly. So I went into one place that looked like a KTV, but it was really dark and quiet, so I immediately left. Then I asked someone (in Chinese obviously) where the KTV was. She answered that it was across from where we were at the time. So I walked over there to a KTV and went inside. I started looking around and trying doors, and nothing. I stopped and talked with a bartender and said that I was looking for my friends who went to KTV, and that they were Americans. He seemed really confused, but tried to help me. I eventually left, and wandered into a third KTV looking place, and saw someone working there. Again I said that I was looking for my friends and had he seen any Americans. This guy did! And he proceeded to direct me to my fellow Peace Corps volunteers. It was such a relief to see everyone, I did the sign of the cross. But it was a good adventure for trying out my Chinese. Survival Chinese at its best.

Okay, so this morning I went with my host brother to (are you ready for this Chris Kehoe?) an anime convention. We went with his best friend, stood in line for 3 hours, and walked around inside for maybe one. It was crazy, and quite interesting. I let my host brother have full control over my camera so he could take lots of pictures of his favorite characters and things. There were a lot of people dressed up, various comics being sold, and many other items for sale (including figurines, shirts, buttons, cards, etc.). I’ve never been to an anime convention in the States, but I am sure it is similar. I have included my host brother’s pictures, as well as pictures from Tianfu square which is the center of Chengdu. It was an interesting morning.

Then, probably because I am super tired right now, the plastic toilet paper roll slipped out of my hands and landed in the drain of the squat toilet in the bathroom I use. I have yet to figure out how to get it out, and will embarrassingly have to confront someone in my host family to explain that there is a plastic toilet roll in the toilet. Lovely.


  1. Katie! I am so, so glad that you have got access to your blog again. I am so proud of you that you got your site placement! And...yo are assistant warden! You will be amazing at keeping everyone calm if there is an emergency. I am sure you will make great friends with the main warden guy from Bulgaria. I can't remember his name right now as I type this post. It is wonderful to hear that you have bonded with your host family so well. That must be an awesome feeling! Oh, and I would have been freaking out finding the KTV place too! Glad that you got there okay and you were able to rely on your Chinese! Sorry for all of the random thoughts ;) Love, Beth

    p.s. Yikes about the toilet paper! I am sure they will understand. Awkward :(

  2. I've heard about KTVs from the international students I've been working with from CHina - sounds fun!! I'm so excited for you about your site placement and heading into the next step! Lots of love from the States!!