Saturday, April 14, 2012

Student Speech

This semester I have asked my students to write and give a speech—either persuasive or expository. One student wrote a speech on the topic “her favorite teacher.” Here is her speech:
“This is the voice of Sichuan Preschool Educator’s College.” I believe, you guessed the teacher who I will talk about. Yes, you are right. This familiar voice comes from Katie D’Souza, our foreign teacher. Katie is a volunteer teacher from America. In 2010, she was sent to Jiangyou, Sichuan. This is the second year she has been teaching at Sichuan Preschool Educator’s College. As I know, Katie likes sports and often does exercises, like playing Ping-Pong, basketball, and running. Because of this she is healthy and strong.
For her work, Katie is a great teacher. Her lesson plans are so meticulous and diversified that her lesson is funny and active. In her class, you will learn much Western culture and how to express your ideas in English. If you are active you can get a lot of chance to practice your English speaking. Katie will communicate with you face to face. After her class she and Mary, who is another volunteer teacher in our school, elaborately design weekly activities, including women’s club, English corner, singing club, and writing workshop. The purpose is to encourage and help the student who is interested in English to come by to chat or practice their English. In their effort, the school provides them a room which they use as an English Library. They accumulate and buy many English books, novels, magazines, children books, text books, and so on. There are more and more English books in the library.
In addition to these, for herself, Katie is very gentle, generous, and easy to get along with. Like all of the volunteers, she is selfless dedication, responsible, and hard working. Thus, her spirit will influence my teaching life in the future.
Thank you Katie, you are my first teacher who moved me. I give you my highest respects”


  1. Wow, Katie, this is so moving! What an incredible reflection from one of your students -- I can only imagine the impact that you've made on all of their lives :D I loved reading all of your catch-up posts from the past few months! :)

  2. Katie, I am so proud of you even before reading this. So look forward to your "Coming to America!"